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This article teaches a user to perform product search on 12x30.com. The products can be found using brand index or product search
Author profile: Technical Support
12x30 technical support team is in charge of developing and maintaining our system. They are also responsible for teaching all of us how to use their wonderful creations!
You may look up for a product on our site using one of the following two links, brand index, or search product. Before we go into details of searching for the product, we would like you to know our product organization convention.
  1. Our products fall underneath the following four classes
    Skin Care: products in this class are further categorized for face, eye, body, and special treatment
    Makeup: products in this class are further categorized for face, eye, body, and special treatment
    Hair Care: products used on hair
  2. Generally, we treat products with different size, package, or cosmetic color as different of the same product. In such case, there is only one product record to be found on our site. For example, one brand and line lipstick products with different colors are treated as one product with additional product variety information, which shows the different colors. Exception may occur to such rule, if the products in discussion are treated as different products by the manufacturer. If on your web site, products different in size, package, or cosmetic color are treated as different products, you may associate these products to the one product on our site, forming a many to one relationship
Search a product by brand index

Click on the link brand index underneath Product Review, a list of all brands, currently resides on our database, is display by the brand English name’s alphabetical order. You may also click on the brand’s initial to make it easier to find the brand. If you can not find the brand, please use the submit product link to ask our site administrator to add the new brand and product to our database. If you find the brand in the list, click on it, products of the brand will be display in alphabetical order. If you do not find your product, you need to use submit product. If you find the product, click on it, and the product with its evaluation detail is displayed.

Search a product by product search

Click on the product search link, the product search window is displayed as below

product search window
Figure 1: Product Search Window

You may search for a product by its name, brand, and/or category. When search for a product by name, the search text should be 3 characters or more. The search by brand input box has auto-complete ability to help you type in the right brand name. The search returns the matching products name and description with the search text highlighted, as shown in figure 2.

product search result
Figure 2: Product Search Result

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